The Other Half

A/N: If you guys haven't heard this song, then I suggest you go and YouTube it! (Mirror by JT) Anyway, the music video came out today and I couldn't hold my emotions and stuff. Also, it gave me a lot of ideas to write.

"Two hearts that have been merged is marriage; two souls that have been merged is fate." - unknown

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A/N: Alright, I've fought my urges not to write a fanfic long enough. So here it goes, my first one and please comment about anything. My style of writing or how suck this topic or the story line is. Just anything but I prefer the ones with a good feedback. So that's it. Btw, this is a one shot.

Pairing: YoonYul (Yoona,Yuri)
Rating: PG (idk I'm kinda blurry with the ratings)

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